4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Vacation Home

Considering buying a vacation home? Following are just four of the many advantages of purchasing a second home to use for family vacations. You Can Rent it Out Today's travelers want something more from their vacation adventures than a stay in a standard hotel room, so you may be able to turn your vacation home into something that turns a profit. Vacation rental services exist to help streamline the process of booking and collecting fees.

Ten Things To Tuck Into Your Corporate Goodie-Bags For A Work-Related Trip

If you have a corporate retreat or trip coming up, set the mood with a bag of goodies and items to thank your staff or colleagues for their attendance. Delegate a team to put together swag bags for the travelers, full of inexpensive items that can make the trip a bit more comfortable. Ten items that make excellent travel swag for corporate goodie-bags are: Munchies. Tuck some snacks for the recipient to munch on during the journey to your destination.