3 Signs You Should Host A Destination Wedding

When many people think about hosting a wedding, they think about hosting it at a venue in their hometown. However, a destination wedding can be a wonderful option for many couples as well. These are a few signs that this might be something for you and your soon-to-be spouse to look into. 1. You Aren't Hosting a Big Wedding If you are planning on hosting a huge wedding and putting pretty much everyone that you know on the guest list, a destination wedding might not be right for you.

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Vacation Home

Considering buying a vacation home? Following are just four of the many advantages of purchasing a second home to use for family vacations. You Can Rent it Out Today's travelers want something more from their vacation adventures than a stay in a standard hotel room, so you may be able to turn your vacation home into something that turns a profit. Vacation rental services exist to help streamline the process of booking and collecting fees.

Ten Things To Tuck Into Your Corporate Goodie-Bags For A Work-Related Trip

If you have a corporate retreat or trip coming up, set the mood with a bag of goodies and items to thank your staff or colleagues for their attendance. Delegate a team to put together swag bags for the travelers, full of inexpensive items that can make the trip a bit more comfortable. Ten items that make excellent travel swag for corporate goodie-bags are: Munchies. Tuck some snacks for the recipient to munch on during the journey to your destination.

3 Must-Try Caribbean Dishes

The Caribbeans are a tropical paradise and there is plenty to do. Although you'll surely be soaking up the sun for a majority of your trip, the various islands of the Caribbean offer up a scrumptious series of distinct dishes. Read on and discover just a few must try Caribbean dishes and their country of origin. The next time you're on a cruise or a vacation rental in one of these countries, feel free to sample the culinary delights that the area has to offer.

Tips for Pulling Off a Successful Corporate Function or Event

Work events, functions, or parties can be both fun and productive when you follow a few simple tips. Talk with establishments near your place of work to reserve your venue and begin making plans for a corporate event that attendees will find enjoyable and worthwhile. To pull off a successful event, you can do the following things. Book a hotel conference room early. It makes the most sense to hold your work event off-site so that attendees can focus on the material presented while getting a well-deserved day away from the office.

Four Benefits To Choosing A Luxury Short-Term Apartment While On Vacation

If you are planning on vacationing in the near future, you will need to choose a place to stay while you are there. Many people will automatically check for hotels in the area and book a room. However, you can also choose between a vacation home rental, a luxury short-term apartment rental, and more. Here are the four benefits of choosing a luxury short-term apartment rental over other options: More Affordable: If there is going to be two or more people traveling with you, a luxury apartment rental is often more affordable than a hotel and other options for a place to stay.

Don't Want To Wait In The Taxi Line At The Airport? This Is How You Can Avoid Them And Get A Deal Too

The heaviest travel season, aside from Thanksgiving, is almost here and this means potentially long lines at the taxi stand at busy airports. There is almost nothing worse than just having arrived at your destination city only to have to stand in line while you wait for your turn to get a taxi. The cost of these rides can be high in some cases too. If you follow these tips, however, you should be able to avoid the line altogether, and potentially save some money.

5 Reasons To Visit Bucharest

When planning a trip to Eastern Europe, you should definitely not skip over fascinating Bucharest, Romania. While not as popular and crowded with tourists as Prague or Budapest, Bucharest is full of hidden jewels and off-the-beaten-path charm. Here are five great reasons to add Bucharest to your itinerary: The Old Town The romantic Old Town section of Bucharest, which dates back to the 1400's, will be one of the highlights of your trip.

Spring Haul-Out Service: 4 Areas Of The Boat That Need To Be Focused On

Whether you're a year-round boater or you're just getting your boat ready for the summer, spring is the time that you need to focus on any issues that may be cause you problems down the road with your boat. This includes things with the structural, running gear, mechanical and electrical systems. Not only will this save you time and money later, but it will ensure that you are safe and that you have a pleasant experience when you get out on the open water.

Three Etiquette Tips To Help You On Your Next Airport Shuttle Ride

When you're preparing for a flight, it's beneficial to consider staying at a hotel near the airport – especially if your departure time is early in the morning. One of the advantages of choosing this form of accommodation is that you can leave your vehicle at the hotel while you're away and travel to the airport on the hotel's complimentary shuttle. This method of transportation is virtually devoid of stress – you'll be able to go over last-minute travel arrangements or sit and relax as you make the short trip to your destination.