Ten Things To Tuck Into Your Corporate Goodie-Bags For A Work-Related Trip

If you have a corporate retreat or trip coming up, set the mood with a bag of goodies and items to thank your staff or colleagues for their attendance. Delegate a team to put together swag bags for the travelers, full of inexpensive items that can make the trip a bit more comfortable.

Ten items that make excellent travel swag for corporate goodie-bags are:

  1. Munchies. Tuck some snacks for the recipient to munch on during the journey to your destination. Opt for high-quality, nutritious snacks, like fresh fruit and nuts, which contain protein and that will provide some sustenance.  
  2. A pen. Always make sure each traveler has something to write with—a pen is an inexpensive way to make traveling a bit more convenient.
  3. Promotional products. This is the perfect time to introduce some promotional items to your team, such as key chains, lanyards, towels, or caps- great gifts to show-off during the trip!
  4. Customized cards. Go the extra mile by creating your own custom cards, postcards, or stationary for the trip. Provide a couple stamped cards for each traveler, so they can send a note home during their absence.
  5. Hand-sanitizer. Always put some hand-sanitizer or antibacterial wipes in each goodie-bag.
  6. A gift. If the budget permits, put something to commemorate the trip in each bag, like a mug or a tee-shirt with the company name and logo.
  7. Something silly. Go ahead and add something fun or whimsical, like a trinket or toy that will provide a bit of comic relief during a long day of travel.
  8. A lip balm. Tuck a tube of lip balm in each swag bag; lips get chapped during travel, especially if you will be in the dry air of an airplane compartment.
  9. A note of thanks. Another sweet, and no-cost, idea is to tuck a note of appreciation from you to your traveling companions. Sometimes these thoughtful sentiments can start the trip off on the right note!
  10. Something sweet. Make sure to tuck in some chocolate. Put a couple of individually-wrapped chocolates, truffles, or candies in each bag for a sweet splurge when you are on the road.

When planning your next corporate trip, through companies such as Continent Tours, consider making goodie-bags for your fellow travelers. These don't need to be an expensive undertaking, but rather include inexpensive items for each coworker to use during travel. Try these ten suggestions to create your own goodie-bags for your corporate trip!