Tips for Pulling Off a Successful Corporate Function or Event

Work events, functions, or parties can be both fun and productive when you follow a few simple tips. Talk with establishments near your place of work to reserve your venue and begin making plans for a corporate event that attendees will find enjoyable and worthwhile.

To pull off a successful event, you can do the following things.

Book a hotel conference room early.

It makes the most sense to hold your work event off-site so that attendees can focus on the material presented while getting a well-deserved day away from the office. This also limits distractions, such as phones, clients, and situations that could arise and impede your team from concentrating during the function. Be sure to book a hotel conference space, such as one at Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport, early and to work with hotel staff to ensure you have everything that you need, such as AV equipment, phones, and other equipment you will need to conduct your presentations.

Set up some self-serve stations.

Let attendees stretch their legs a bit with self-serve stations for food items, reading materials, or promotional products. Set up a cool coffee station with fun add-ins and flavored creamers, or consider ending the day with a self-serve ice cream station. Allow your attendees to peruse brochures, pamphlets, or other materials by arranging them in an informal manner that encourages people to help themselves.

Add some fun with a theme. 

For something fun, give your event a theme. Encourage your staff to participate by offering a prize for a distinctive costume, hat, or contribution to the event. Offer prizes, such as promotional items, to provide an incentive for participation. Apparel, cups, and caps make excellent products to give away, especially if they bear your company logo.

Make it worthwhile to attend.

Give those invited to your event a reason to attend, whether it be a compelling guest speaker or a cool bag full of goodies and swag. Put some thought into the menu to ensure everyone has plenty to eat and that they are impressed by the variety. Plan ahead to give attendees a gift, such as a customized company promotional product, to make them feel valued and part of the team.  

Work-related functions can be both enjoyable and productive. Talk with hotel staff to be sure the space will accommodate your team, and go in early to set up a welcoming and work-friendly environment that will be conducive to your day's agenda. Use these tips to ensure that everyone who attends has a memorable and meaningful experience.