Three Etiquette Tips To Help You On Your Next Airport Shuttle Ride

When you're preparing for a flight, it's beneficial to consider staying at a hotel near the airport – especially if your departure time is early in the morning. One of the advantages of choosing this form of accommodation is that you can leave your vehicle at the hotel while you're away and travel to the airport on the hotel's complimentary shuttle. This method of transportation is virtually devoid of stress – you'll be able to go over last-minute travel arrangements or sit and relax as you make the short trip to your destination. You can increase the ease of the experience – for you and those around you – by keeping these three etiquette rules in mind.

Know The Departure Times

At many hotels that offer airport shuttles, you'll see a list of departure times on a board or a screen in the lobby. Consider the time you have to arrive at the airport and the probable travel time on the shuttle to decide which shuttle you'll take. Once you know this information, make sure to be waiting in the lobby before the scheduled departure. It's an etiquette misstep to dash through the lobby and flag down the shuttle driver just as the vehicle is about to pull out of the parking lot. Remember, your fellow passengers are also hurrying to the airport and you causing a delay will be inconvenient for everyone.

Have Your Luggage Ready To Load

In many cases, the shuttle driver will load your luggage for you; in other cases, you'll simply carry it on board with you. Regardless of how the luggage will be loaded, be sure to have it ready to go. Don't be waiting in the hotel parking lot with your suitcase open as you search for a book to read or for your MP3 player. These actions can delay the shuttle departure and are inconsiderate to your fellow travelers and to the driver, who needs to keep on schedule.

Confirm Your Departure Terminal

Prior to boarding the shuttle, it's important to double-check your flight information so that you're certain about the terminal from which you'll be departing. At large airports, there can be a sizable distance – and plenty of stop signs and traffic – between terminals. If you mistakenly think you need to be dropped off at one terminal, you'll be inconveniencing your driver and the passengers as the driver makes a detour to get you to the right drop-off spot. For more information about this, contact a company like Lincoln Yellow Cab.