Wine Tasting Etiquette For Beginners

The last thing you want when attending a wine tasting is to feel as if you have committed a breach of etiquette. Failing to abide by rules of etiquette can be insulting both to the winery and to the other guests. But once you understand some of the most important ground rules, you can focus on enjoying the wine.

Research The Event

Research the wine tasting before attending to understand the type of event it will be. Some wine tastings are more intended to be an educational experience. Other wine tastings are more informal events for the purpose of mingling. Usually, a wine tasting does not have a beginner, intermediate or advanced event. Therefore, you may meet a more experienced wine enthusiast who can help guide you.

Listen To The Winemaker

When you arrive at a wine tasting, you will be greeted by a winemaker or owner who will explain the details of the wine, such as the types of wine that are made and the types of grapes that are grown. Show interest because if you are not interested in these topics, this will be perceived as rude by the owner. Ask questions, even if you believe that the question is elementary, because this shows respect.

Pour The Leftover Wine In The Wine Bucket

You are not required to drink all of the wine. Any wine that is left over should be poured into the dump bucket. It is better to drink less and avoid becoming inebriated.

Do Not Alter The Flavor Of The Wine

Use water to rinse your glass after each wine because the leftover wine residue will affect the flavor of the new wine. Wear a very mild fragrance. If you wear a strong fragrance, this can interfere with the flavor of the wine for those nearby.

Try All Of The Wines

Try all of the wines even if you do not like a particular type. Not only is it polite, but wine tastings often have superior wine and you may discover that you have simply been tasting a substandard version of a particular wine.

Dress Appropriately

A wine tasting is considered to be an elegant affair, so be sure to dress well. Clothing that is too casual can be an insult to the winery. Bring weather-appropriate gear, but be sure to take off your hat inside. Ideally, wear clothing that doesn't easily stain. Otherwise, get comfortable and enjoy the large selection of wines.

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