Three Tips To Help You Choose A Tour Shuttle Company

When you're exploring a new city, taking in the sites is a top priority. However, getting behind the wheel and navigating through a foreign area while trying to sight-see isn't exactly appealing. A tour shuttle is the perfect solution. Tour shuttles let you take in all the sites, but with the convenience of someone else driving you around. If you're planning a vacation and you want to take a tour shuttle, here are a few tips to assist you with choosing a tour company.

Understand The Fare Details

Make sure you know what the fare includes before committing to a tour company. For example, some tour shuttles offer one-way trips instead of round-trip tours. In this instance, the fare you pay might only get you to a popular destination on the tour site, but it might not return you to the pickup location without an additional fee.

If you are in a foreign country or in an area that you are unfamiliar with, this can be especially stressful. Unless you know where you're going or have alternative transportation, make certain your fare includes a round-trip ride.

Check For Excursion Time

You also want to find out whether or not your fare includes excursion time. This is especially important if your tour includes an area where you can get out and enjoy certain activities. For example, what would a tour of a beautiful waterfall be if you couldn't get off the shuttle and get a closer look at it?

Unfortunately, some tours don't come with this option. If you want to take some extra time to enjoy the sights, swim, go horseback riding or enjoy some other activity, it's important for you to make sure the tour includes some free time for you to explore and then get back on the shuttle at a later time.

Get Route Details

It's also a good idea for you to get the route details of any tour you plan on taking. Route details will tell you exactly what sights you will see on the tour so you know what to expect. Try to avoid those tours that just give general information like Hollywood Tours.

Instead look for tours that give details about the places the tour will take you, such as Hollywood studios, the Hollywood sign and celebrity homes. Being on a tour shuttle that's driving you around to places you have no interest in isn't exactly fun.

The more time you take to choose a tour shuttle company the more memorable and enjoyable your experience will be. Look into local shuttle and charter options, such as Pacific Coachways Charter Services.