Six Good Reasons To Choose Off-Site Airport Parking

While virtually all airport facilities offer some type of on-site parking, these lots aren't always the best choice. Satellite lots, located just outside of the airport property are often less expensive and even more convenient. However, cost and convenience are just two of the many benefits to choosing an off-site airport parking facility.

Advantages to off-site airport parking

  1. The cost. The chief advantage to parking off of the airport grounds is the cost. Most satellite airport parking lots are significantly less expensive than airport lots. In addition, many off-site lots offer money-saving coupons on the websites, further reducing the price. According to the "New York Times," two major off-site airport parking companies offer discounts of between 10 and 100 percent on their websites.
  2. Convenience. While it may seem that parking on the airport grounds would be more convenient than off-site airport parking, that isn't always the case. While off-site parking facilities offer shuttle buses that drop you off right at the terminal entrances, you may have to walk (and carry your luggage) when you park in the airport lots. Although many airport lots have moving sidewalks and bridges that connect them to the terminals, you can still end up a long way away from the airport check-in counter.
  3. Amenities. Many off-site lots offer customer perks, such as coffee or free newspapers.
  4. More room. Another big advantage to using an off-site lot is that such lots usually have more parking spaces than airport lots. As airport facilities reduce the size of their parking lots to build bigger terminals, finding a space during peak times can be a challenge. At such times, you'll have a better chance of finding a spot at a satellite parking lot.
  5. Car maintenance while you're away. Another perk offered by many off-site parking lots is car maintenance while you're away. Many will change your oil, check your fluid levels and wash your car. Many will also clean the snow off your vehicle in advance of your arrival, so you can quickly get in the car and drive home.
  6. Shorter exit lines. It can take a lot time to exit and pay at many on-airport lots. Less real estate can mean "log jams" at the cashier. Off-site lots usually have more than enough cashiers to keep the line moving, even during peak arrival times.

While off-site airport parking is not the right answer for every air traveler, these satellites lots shouldn't be dismissed. They are usually less expensive while being more convenience, offering extra amenities and even car maintenance while you're away.