3 Tips For Getting A Great Hotel For An Overnight Layover

Often times you are going to need to stay overnight at a hotel when you have an overnight flight layover. This experience can be incredibly simple or somewhat difficult, depending on the amount of time you put into finding a hotel.

This article will discuss 3 great tips for getting an excellent hotel for your overnight layover. 

Make Sure A Shuttle Can Take You To And From The Hotel And The Airport

During your layover, you are going to be without a vehicle, so it is best to find a hotel that offers a shuttle service. This shuttle will pick you up from the airport once you land, and they will also take you from the hotel, back to the airport the following day.

To initially get the hotel shuttle to come to the airport, you will simply need to call the number listed on the hotel's website for the shuttle service, and tell them what terminal you are located in. For the return trip, you will need to call down to the front desk of the hotel and tell them what time your flight leaves the next day. They will tell you the times that the shuttle leaves, and will sign you up for a certain time. 

Find A Hotel That Offers Plenty Of Food Options

Since you will likely be hungry once you get to your hotel, it is a good idea to find a hotel that will provide you with a variety of food options. You can either choose a hotel that has an in-hotel restaurant, one that is close to several restaurants, or one that offers delivery.

Many hotels also offer a continental breakfast each morning, so try to find a hotel that offers this as part of your stay. On top of this, many hotels also have a variety of vending machines that you can get some snacks and soda out of if you aren't super hungry. 

Shop Around Before Booking Your Hotel Room

Lastly, make sure that you shop around before selecting a hotel to stay at. There are likely going to be several hotels that meet your list of criteria, but the key is to find the best hotel for the best price. Taking the time to look at several different hotel sites and comparing their prices against their amenities will likely allow you to find the best hotel with the best amenities for the best price.

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