4 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Vacation

Vacations can be expensive, especially if there are certain tourist attractions or world-famous locations you want to visit. Trimming your costs for a vacation can make it seem much less like a vacation, but there are some ways of doing this without sacrificing any of your fun.

1. Forego the rental car

Many locations that are popular for tourists will have adequate public transit, or you can take taxis for much less money than renting a car. In the tropics, look into renting scooters which are also much more affordable and can even be more enjoyable in the warm summer weather. There may also be shuttle services from your hotel to favorite attractions that you can investigate and which can save you money; investigate when making hotel reservations.

2. Get a hotel with a continental breakfast

The more meals you can forego at restaurants, the more money you'll save. Be sure you opt for a hotel with a continental breakfast or investigate a bed-and-breakfast option. Even if you have one meal provided to you by your accommodations, you'll save quite a bit of money overall.

3. Opt for a cruise

A cruise can be a great choice for any vacation since just about everything is included in your ticket price. This means your meals, entertainment, exercise classes, spa visits, and so much more. Not only can they be more affordable but taking a cruise can mean just sitting back and relaxing while you enjoy your vacation as opposed to being worried about how much every meal and trip to the spa is costing you.

4. Take a tour

A guided tour with a group can often be much more affordable than trying to plan your own vacation, as your transportation and entrance fees to certain locations are usually included in your cost. Tour groups get discounts for the places they go so in turn they pass this savings onto you. If you want to visit certain attractions for your next vacation, compare the cost of a tour or cruise versus the cost of having to arrange every part of the trip yourself.

5. Bundle and save

When planning a vacation, look for bundles and packages that can save you money. If you do want to rent a car, note if you can get airline tickets that include car rental. Find a hotel that offers discounts on nearby tourist attractions. The more you can bundle or package these costs, the less money you'll spend overall.