Four Ways To Prevent Over-Packing And Save Space In Your Luggage

Any constant traveler will tell you that packing your suitcases or luggage for a trip appropriately requires a delicate mix between scientific formulation and artistic creativity. You must keep your critical thinking cap firmly in place in order to sift through all of the items you think you have to take with you and what you really need. You must also have a bit of an artistic attitude to be able to appropriately fold, arrange, and think of creative ways to meet weight requirements of the airline or space regulations on a charter light and still fit all you need. There is a formula to all of this madness and it could be just what you need the next time you find yourself sitting on your suitcase, trying your best to make the two sides meet for closure.

1. Know what you Must Have with You

Before you start packing, take a few minutes and do some research. Think about your itinerary once you arrive at your destination, checkout local weather conditions, and make a detailed list of just what you really need. Proper planning can prevent you from over-stuffing your luggage with clothes and other items you will never use. It does not really matter whether you are flying commercial or on a privately chartered plane, hauling excess luggage can be a major headache.

2. Know What to Leave Behind

The most inexperienced travelers will always feel more secure away from home if they have everything down to their own pillow stuffed into their luggage. Unfortunately, hauling all the heavy luggage is no fun and can prove to be a costly mistake once you arrive at the airport. Most commercial airlines allow a carry-on bag of standard size free with ticket purchase, but additional luggage can cost as much as $25 each and even more for larger baggage pieces. If you have chartered a flight, you may only be allowed a few pieces on the plane due to space and weight requirements.

3. Roll your Clothing

Rolling clothes into tightly wound tubes is not just more space efficient, but will prevent wrinkling as well. Roll your shirts, trousers, and even your undergarments and then stack them neatly in your suitcase. You will be surprised to see just how much space you can save by packing in this fashion.

4. Wear Bulky Items for the Plane Ride

As strange as it may sound to head to the airport dressed as if you are ready for a blizzard-sunlit-blue-jean holiday, it is actually a wise traveling decision. Wear your jeans, coat, sun hat, and other bulky clothing items on your body for the commercial or chartered flight and you will make a lot of space in your suitcase.

By packing wisely you will find that traveling is much less stressful and can even be less expensive, no matter what type of transportation you use. Use this formula the next time you are heading out and you may even find you have a little space leftover for souvenirs to bring back home. (For information on chartered flights, contact a company such as Fly Advanced)