How To Make Moving Easier For Your Kids

Moving brings changes for the entire family. However, adults are usually more adaptable than children. If you are planning to transfer to a new city or region of the country, you need to take the time to prepare your kids for the event. You can't start preparing your kids the day before you leave. The following suggestions can help you create an atmosphere of excitement about the move.

Prepare the Kids Before You Leave

Your children will be more likely to look forward to the upcoming changes if you make a celebration out of the experience. Throw a farewell party, and invite all of their friends. Have a sleepover, and use some of the time to let their friends create scrapbook or memory pages.

Don't forget to ask each friend to include his or her phone number, physical address, and email contact information. Put everything together in a book, and let each of your kids pack the books with their personal belongings.

Take the time to visit your kids' favorite places before leaving the community. Eat at their favorite restaurants, and visit the memorable museums, parks, and schools they may have attended.

Make Arrival a Special Event

By the time you arrive at your new home, your children might be feeling a bit anxious. This is especially true if a lengthy automobile journey to the new city gives them plenty of time to think about the changes in their lives.

When you arrive, have a christening of your house. You can purchase an inexpensive bottle of sparkling cider and give your new home an official name. If you are religious, you might want to ask a local minister to offer a blessing or prayer over the house.

If possible, allow your children to select their own rooms and decorate them in a fashion that feels familiar. On the other hand, you can also turn the decorating process into a fun project and take your kids shopping at local stores for new bedroom accessories. 

If you take pictures of your kids in their new home shortly after, you can email the pictures to the people they left behind. This will give your children the chance to share the experience with the friends who mean the most to them. 

As parents, take a little time to explore the community and develop a scavenger hunt for your kids. A scavenger hunt is a fun way to introduce children to local restaurants, shopping malls, tourist excursions--like Wilesmith Advertising/Temple Terrace--supermarkets, parks, and schools. 

Above all, try to find and create joy throughout the process of relocating your family. Moving to a new city might not be any easier for you than it is for your children. However as the adult in the family, it is up to you to find the positive and communicate optimism to your children. If you do this, they are more likely to acclimate quickly and be happy about the experience.