Ten Things To Tuck Into Your Corporate Goodie-Bags For A Work-Related Trip

If you have a corporate retreat or trip coming up, set the mood with a bag of goodies and items to thank your staff or colleagues for their attendance. Delegate a team to put together swag bags for the travelers, full of inexpensive items that can make the trip a bit more comfortable. Ten items that make excellent travel swag for corporate goodie-bags are: Munchies. Tuck some snacks for the recipient to munch on during the journey to your destination. [Read More]

3 Must-Try Caribbean Dishes

The Caribbeans are a tropical paradise and there is plenty to do. Although you'll surely be soaking up the sun for a majority of your trip, the various islands of the Caribbean offer up a scrumptious series of distinct dishes. Read on and discover just a few must try Caribbean dishes and their country of origin. The next time you're on a cruise or a vacation rental in one of these countries, feel free to sample the culinary delights that the area has to offer. [Read More]

Tips for Pulling Off a Successful Corporate Function or Event

Work events, functions, or parties can be both fun and productive when you follow a few simple tips. Talk with establishments near your place of work to reserve your venue and begin making plans for a corporate event that attendees will find enjoyable and worthwhile. To pull off a successful event, you can do the following things. Book a hotel conference room early. It makes the most sense to hold your work event off-site so that attendees can focus on the material presented while getting a well-deserved day away from the office. [Read More]

Four Benefits To Choosing A Luxury Short-Term Apartment While On Vacation

If you are planning on vacationing in the near future, you will need to choose a place to stay while you are there. Many people will automatically check for hotels in the area and book a room. However, you can also choose between a vacation home rental, a luxury short-term apartment rental, and more. Here are the four benefits of choosing a luxury short-term apartment rental over other options: More Affordable: If there is going to be two or more people traveling with you, a luxury apartment rental is often more affordable than a hotel and other options for a place to stay. [Read More]